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Best Instagrammable Places to Include in Cairo Excursions

Are you traveling around the world for Instagrammable memories? Currently, Instagram has become one of the most reigning obsessions throughout the world. However, Cairo city in Egypt has so many places to indulge in unforgettable experiences to treasure forever. Here are some of the Instagrammable places to include in your Cairo tours package:

Pyramids of Giza


Are you surprised, right? Capturing the memories of the Pyramids of Giza from afar will help you get the right images. If you can get an image of the pyramids with a camel, or riding the camel, it will feel amazing.


The Sphinx

Though you can’t get close like earlier, you can still take beautiful picture with the iconic Sphinx. All you need to do is to use the walkway as the leading line and smile big.


Egyptian Museum


It may seem hard to get a picture with no so many people in it. But if you stay late or arrive early, it can be possible. However, Grand Foyer is the right place to capture an epic photo.

Cairo Tower



Cairo Tower is a tall latticed tower and is known as Cairo’s very own Eiffel Towel. It’s a must snap for all Instagram lovers. The Cairo Tower was used to be the tallest structure in North Africa. Though it has been replaced, still it’s the only place where you will get a panoramic view of the city. In addition to, there is a circular observation deck and a rotating restaurant in Cairo Tower.


Qahwet Fishawi –


Take a shopping tour in Khan Al Khalili and after that you’ll need a break and enjoy some delicious food. Taste a mint tea and shisha in Fishawi’s café – Qahwet Fishawi and consider taking a side of beautiful photos with people watching. More often, this coffeehouse is packed with both foreign and Egyptian tourists.

Image Source: sis.gov.eg

The Hanging Church



The Hanging Church is one of the oldest churches with amazing history that dates back to the third century. If you want an Instagram worthy experience, you can use an intricate mosaic tile as a background or the iconic steps that lead up to the church. Obviously don’t forget to capture the streets where you wander to get some of the beautiful views.

Nile River –


When it comes to getting the best photos, it should include with the Nile River in the background. On my point of view, you should take luxury River Nile cruises to grab a beautiful photo with a spectacular backdrop. Therefore, booking luxury Nile cruises ahead of times makes perfect sense!


Al Azhar Park



Do you need an easy escape from the hustle and bustle as well as sandiness of Cairo? You should visit Al Azhar Park. Upon reaching there, don’t forget to take Instagram worthy images in one of the gardens that boasts traditional Islamic architecture. The park is situated near Islamic Cairo and the Saladin Citadel. This means it won’t go away from your sightseeing way at all.


Final Thought Doing research prior to your Cairo excursions is great. But it’s definitely recommended to book Cairo tour package through responsible tour operator like Egypt Tours Excursions! Rest assured that, you won’t be disappointed at the end.

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